GDPR & Cyber Essentials

Everyone has become sick of hearing about GDPR, yet you cannot ignore it. It is UK legislation and you must take account of it. Very closely coupled with things you need to think about for GDPR are the issues around IT security.

GDPR for business

It is not my intention to bore your with the detail about GDPR. But it is important that you treat the legislation seriously. These days you really do need to take care with personal information. Furthermore the news is full of examples of companies that have not done this well enough. In fact you may even have been a victim at some point, many were.

You have a legal responsibility to ensure that you only keep personal data for the business purpose you need it for. You should also ensure that you do not keep data you don’t need and that the information is correct. There are other aspects to GDPR as well, but the reality is it is mainly common sense. You must keep personal data safe. This may mean that you also need to look at your cyber security.

Cyber Essentials for business

Cyber Essentials is a Government sponsored accreditation that all small businesses should think about. You can find details on the Government web-site

Many companies now ask their suppliers to have the cyber essentials certification. This means that you take your computer security seriously. You need to reduce your chances of being hacked, or subjected to malware or ransom-ware. No-one can be 100% sure that they are safe but you CAN reduce the risk by taking some basic and simple precautions.

Obtaining the cyber essentials certification is not expensive and it could make a huge difference to the risk in your business.

If you would like some help with GDPR or cyber essentials, please call and one of our experts will be able to help – and it needn’t cost the earth!