Good leadership is about motivation. It is also about inspiring and working WITH your team. A good leader will encourage and inspire their team to better and better things. Furthermore the best leaders will bring out the best in their team. They will also help the team member to give of their best to achieve the goals of the whole team.

Good Leader

Some of the leadership skills a good leader will show include:

  • empathy
  • encouragement
  • nurturing
  • helping
  • understanding
  • supporting
  • explaining
  • asking
  • giving
  • listening

Poor Leader

Some of the leadership traits a poor leader shows include:

  • Telling
  • blaming others
  • arguing
  • ignoring
  • talking over others
  • taking
  • bullying

Sadly, we all show some of the negative traits sometimes. Likewise, we are not all necessarily good at the positive aspects. A good leader will therefore constantly review their own behaviours to ensure their teams actually want them to be their leader and to give of their best for that leader. They will also have earned the respect of the team they lead as well as from others that come into contact with them.

Take note of the picture. They are also all in a circle. The team are working together. The most noteworthy point is that from the outside you almost cannot see who is the leader. They are also ONE entity.

Finally there is an inspirational TED talk about leadership – well worth listening to www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action