Start up your new business

Starting up your new business can be very daunting. You will probably have a great idea but won’t know where to start in getting it up and running. There are a great number of (usually free) resources on the web. Your first step should be to have a look at these. They will help you with many of the practical things you need to look at.

The whole process

Think about the whole process. The idea, (or the product you want to sell), may be great but “Who will want to buy it?” From that question you should be able to plan how you will go about selling your product. Don’t forget, to be a success, you need to make a profit. So, think about the practical things such as whether to be a limited company or a sole trader, or whether to register for VAT. You also need to sort out how you will manage finances. You need to make a profit and so need to control your costs and monitor sales properly. Think about the tools you need, not just office space but raw materials and most importantly key staff. There are many more things to work out. Start with a strategy, develop your business plan and draw up a prioritised list of what needs doing.