Business Strategy and Plan

Every business needs both a business strategy & plan. These are two separate documents but both essential. The business plan should describe HOW you will deliver your business strategy.

Business Strategy

Business strategy is about determining where you want to be and then putting things in place to make it happen.

A good strategy will involve setting your company’s vision and mission statement. From these two key statements you will then need to draw up some goals or objectives. This can often be quite hard and there are lots of schools of thought about them.

I prefer to think of short, medium and long term goals. This probably means this year, the next three years and “after that”.

Business Plan

The further into the future you think the less certain you can be. However you still need to have some views on what you want to achieve. Once you have a broad strategy, the next step is to start doing some detailed planning. When planning, you need to think about priorities. Goals and targets will always have varying degrees of importance both from a strategic point of view and from a day-to-day operational point of view. The key is to balance all of this and then put a plan in place.

It is important that every business has some kind of business strategy and then makes a business plan to achieve it.

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