This is a huge subject and we could discuss a vast range of topics under the general heading of “Marketing”. My philosophy is always to keep things simple and straightforward, so in that vein:

Before going out and spending a fortune, think about the basics. It is about letting your customers know you exist, that your stuff is good stuff and that they can get value from buying it. To do this, the most important priority is that of identifying who your most likely customers are. The follow-on from this will be then working out how best to get your message to them. This MIGHT BE through social media, but it could also be through a wide variety of other methods as well.

I find that the very best way of doing this is by having a look at your existing customers. How did you get them? Where are they likely to look to buy similar products to yours? You might also look at your competitors. How are they marketing themselves?

Communicate in the RIGHT way

Do not ignore the old, tried and trusted methods of communicating with your potential customers. In the right circumstances they may be the perfect solution for you.
The final point to think hard about is what message(s) you want your customers to hear. This might mean that you need to do some thinking of your own, about what your company’s key messages are, but more importantly think about what the customer wants from your product. Think about what THEY WANT TO HEAR.

You will have done a lot of this work when you developed your strategy and plan. Use the good work you have already done to inform your marketing plan. It should all dove-tail together.

In conclusion

Once you have sorted out how you plan to market your products, make sure you have some form of measurement process in place. It is important to be able to track the success or otherwise of the initiatives to take. Only by doing this can you adjust your activity to the most cost effective marketing for you.
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