Care for your customers

Care for your customers

Customer Care is a subject I feel passionately about.

Customer care really does matter. This is even more true in the modern world where there is a plethora of suppliers that the customer can go to. You will hear lots of phrases about customers such as “The customer is King” or “The customer is always right” but do you really think about this and apply it to everything you do?

If you really want to grow your business you must, must, must put your customers first. Give them what they want, meet their needs, go the extra mile etc. etc.

Customer Care is about really genuinely CARING. It must matter to you whether your customer is happy or whether they feel they have got what they wanted or whether they feel they have got a good deal.  Do they like working with you? Will your customers actively promote you to their friends and colleagues? Do they keep coming back for more?

Loyal customers

A really happy customer will not only remain loyal but will actively WANT to buy more from you and will enthuse about you to others. They will be hostile to anyone else trying to sell them a similar product. (“I would never buy my xxx from anywhere else…”).

Unhappy customers

The converse of this are those customers that feel vaguely dis-satisfied or disgruntled or even (perish the thought) ripped off. It can also be tempting to write these customers off. Perhaps you feel you should just try to stop doing business with them. Don’t. You can even turn round those customers that really don’t like you. After all, they have as much right as everyone else to good quality care. Furthermore if you convert one of these customers to one that will sing your praises, they will be more loyal than any other.

If your customers like you they will come back again and again. This will also mean that your reputation will grow and you will gain new customers.

Care for your customers – they matter more than anything.