This is something you need to keep a close eye on. “Worn out” can apply to your team or to your products or services.


Let us consider the team first. Your team are the single most important aspect of your business. They can get worn out when you put too much load on them. We hear of many examples of people off work with stress. This is often because the manager has put too much pressure on the individual. Talk to your people and do something about it if they are not coping with the workload. People perform at their worst when they have too much to try and get done. There are then lots of knock on effects, not just to the individual but also to the quality of work they do. This then impacts on colleagues or customers.

It is fundamental that you really, truly care for your staff.

With regard to your products and services, it is equally as important to keep these fresh. People want the latest, newest, shiniest that is available. Your competitors are supplying them. This means that very soon your sales will drop because you are not keeping up.

You need to keep a constant eye on ensuring that what you provide is fresh and interesting. It is part of the same mantra that if you are not growing or constantly changing then you are effectively moving backwards in relation to your competition.

You should not be trying to play catch-up with your competitors but should be leading the way instead. New ideas, new thinking will make all the difference.

Getting worn-out can sneak up on you, both in your people and your products and services.


Keep a watchful eye.