Winston Churchill is famous for his V for Victory sign. Also one of his characteristics was that he truly believed that victory would come, despite the odds. The lesson here is to truly believe in yourself. It is commonly said that you can achieve anything if you really believe that you can.


In business this belief matters at least as much as anything else. You need to have belief in yourself, belief in your team and belief in your product. You should adopt a policy of banning the word “can’t”. This negative attitude will mean that you actually “won’t”. It will mean that you don’t try, and consequently your business will languish.


Victory means success. This may be only a small success, winning an order from a new customer, receiving some positive feedback, or it could be no more than managing to get your customer to pay on time! All of these little things add up to business success – and business growth.


Business growth is not about some magic wand waving. Victory will come from getting all the little things right. It will come from “daring” to go for it. It will come from belief that your business can be a great success.


So, focus your energy on all those things that you know you need to get right. Think about some of the challenges you need to face and face them. Above all get into “positive thinking”. Start truly believing that nothing can stop you. Victory is there for the taking. There may be some hard work involved, but a little bit of hard work never hurt anyone.