I own the problem

I own the problem

Taking responsibility is vitally important. The issue of lack of ownership is commonly seen. Consequently we have all suffered. One of the most frustrating situations  is when you contact someone and they tell you “It’s not our fault”. This applies in both in your private life and business life. You have some sort of problem and can’t find anyone to to put their hand up and say “Leave it with me and I will sort it out for you”. It might be a delivery that hasn’t arrived and you might hear “are you sure you put the right details in your order?” or “I have despatched it so there’s nothing more I can do” or “you will need to check with the courier company”.

For me I really can’t abide people who constantly try to blame someone else or won’t accept responsibility.

This is a cultural issue. It is vitally important that you, and your teams, take ownership. This can be in all sorts of situations, not just with resolving customer problems but can also apply to the day-to-day activities in the business. If there is something difficult, tricky or unpleasant that needs doing – someone has to do it. Everyone take one step backward. Well, I like to see organisations where everyone takes one step forward.

Linked to this are those individuals that constantly bleat about the problems, and never seem to consider the solutions. A CEO I worked with many years ago always said “If you are not part of the solution then you must be part of the problem”.

If something is not right or needs improving, then get on with it – sort it out. Don’t moan and complain and then just sit back expecting someone else to sort it out.

Own the problem

This is fundamental to being successful. It applies not just to the business owner, but should be a key part of your organisation’s culture. Encourage your team to take ownership and control.

“It was my mistake and I’m sorry”. I will sort it out.