What is a Director?

What is a Director?

As business owner you probably give yourself the title of Director or Managing Director or something similar. Whatever you call yourself – you are the director. Stop for a moment and have a little think about what the word “Director” actually means. Keeping it simple, it means to direct something.

You need to be directing your business, (sometimes you will hear the phrase working “on” rather than “in” your business).

This is often one of the biggest difficulties of business owners of small businesses. I also hear excuses such as “someone’s got to do it” or “if I don’t do it, no-one will”, “I’m not a big enough company for me to be able to afford to take a back seat and let someone else do everything”.

All of these points are valid – TO AN EXTENT.  The point is certainly that if YOU are not setting the direction, there is no-one else who can or will.  You are a very expensive resource to be emptying the bins every day!!

Take some time out and MAKE some time to do things like planning, strategy, setting goals, giving your team goals and objectives, identifying key priorities and setting things off that will get you there.

When I talk with business owners most will accept that they need to be putting time into this and recognise the importance of doing it. Very few then actually do something about it. You really do need to find that time – you will be richly rewarded.