You are unique

You are unique

Your business is unique. There is nothing else quite like it, and you should celebrate this uniqueness. I work with many businesses, mentoring, coaching and advising. I have never yet found any two businesses the same. This means that their problems and difficulties are always different. More importantly it means that your opportunities are also unique.

You have something that no-one else does. It may be that your product is just that little bit different to everyone else’s:

  • In the way you serve your customers;
  • Your pricing;
  • The way you package it, (think of bouquets of flowers);
  • After sales service;
  • Uses of your product.

It could also be the way you go about your business. This could range from how you work with your teams through to the way you market your business.

You hear phrases such as “niche marketing” or your “Unique Selling point (USP)”. These are important and define you and your business. The secret of growth and success is understanding your uniqueness. It is understanding what it is that makes you special and then finding the customers that want that. It can even mean you “persuade” customers that they want it.

Get underneath what is so special about you and your business. You should also make sure that you understand why this matters to your customers.

An Example

Perhaps you pride yourself on how well you look after your staff and can honestly say that your team love working for you. This will mean that your team will really care about how well you do and will care about how well they treat the customer, (After all it is in their interest for the business to succeed, because it is such a great job!). This message will soon get out and you will grow as a result.

Identify what is unique and special about yourself and tell the world about it. Celebrate it and nurture it. It will pay you dividends.