Business Growth

Business Growth

Growing is the natural way of businesses. As time progresses all businesses need to grow. This does not necessarily mean huge exponential growth but can be just normal steady consistent growth. The world moves on, sometimes at quite a rapid pace, and consequently we all need to change as this happens. This means that some of the things we currently do, we should stop doing, or do them differently and for some things we need to adapt to new ways of working.  If you manage this change process in a controlled and sustainable manner, then the business will naturally grow. You will find new customers. Our usual excellent customer service will ensure that we keep these new customers and our existing customers will stay with us – for the same reasons.

If there is one key factor for successful growth that I work through with all my clients it is to ensure that the business can cope with it. We will also ensure the infrastructure is there and that the processes are there to handle the extra work. Successful business growth is NOT just about sales, it is about the business infrastructure. This is therefore what makes the difference between success and failure.

Consequences of un-controlled growing

Keep growing your business in a controlled way and you will be successful. If you let it get out of hand then there can be huge problems:

  • you over-promise and under-deliver;
  • staff are working too hard and are stressed;
  • people try to take shortcuts;
  • mistakes happen;
  • you rush and quality fails;
  • you fail your existing customers as you are too busy trying to satisfy too many new ones.

If you take an holisitc approach to growth, you can ensure you cover all the bases. You can then make sure you do not try to do too much, too quickly.

Controlled growth leads to success. In contrast if it is un-controlled you will fail.