Social media presence

Social media presence

A Social media presence is becoming more and more necessary. Business growth depends on your customers being able to find out about you and nowadays they will look on the web to see what they can find out. Face to face is always best when dealing business to business. Conversely that important meeting may well not happen if your potential client is put off when they search for you on the web. You should therefore be present and be useful on the web.

A good social media presence does NOT mean you need to spend many thousands of pounds on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, You-tube, instagram or any of the many other platforms there are. It does mean you need to understand your customers and ensure you exist where they are looking.

You need to think long and hard about who your customers are. Think about how they go about choosing their supplier. Social media presense is a key component of modern marketing. You need a strategy. Your strategy MUST fit with your business. More importantly it must fit with what your customers want. If 99% of your customers buy their product from Amazon then you must be using Amazon to sell your product. This is true regardless.

If you are selling (say) stuctural engineering services then it is unlikely that your potential customers will use Amazon to find you. They WILL look at your web-site. They may also be users of Twitter or Linked-in. This therefore means you need to be where they are looking. In this case your social media presense may therefore need to focus around Twitter or Linked-in specifically.

Nowadays we really must have a strategy for our social media presence. It means you need to think through your customer behaviours and ensure that you are present wherever it is they are looking to buy your services.