Business advice

Most business owners are well used to seeking business advice from experts. These might also include accountants, lawyers or IT specialists. It therefore makes sense to seek such advice for ANY area of expertise that the business owner is not expert in.

Some examples of business advice

Examples where a business owner can get good advice include:



Search engine optimisation

Property consultancy

Financial services


Health & Safety

You don’t need to “Do it yourself”. This is for the reason that using an expert will usually get you much better results and need not be expensive. Furthermore the added benefit is that it will allow you to free up your own time to focus on what you are good at, running your business.

Don’t waste your own time trying to do something that you have no skill at. You will consequently do a poor job. This could also cost you a lot of money. Furthermore the “Lost opportunity” cost can be even more significant. It will also mean that you are not focussing on what matters.

Forms of advice

Good business advice can come in many forms. You might also think of it as mentoring, coaching or consultancy. It doesn’t really matter what term you want to use. Certainly we all have different views on what each term means. Most noteworthy is that you are getting the best advice, from the best source and not relying on your own capabilities. You will probably be very good at running your business but you cannot be an expert in everything. Consequently uUse an advisor – where you can get value from one.

If you would like some advice about any aspect of your business call or email for a free no obligation chat.